Saturday, September 8, 2012

Opening Night

We opened.  We did good.  It ended in a love-fest party at the Taki Tiki Bar.  According to my dear wife, I have found my tribe.

Perhaps. One thing I think we all share is the slightly shameful knowledge that our hold on any particular reality is tenuous.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer's End...Another Birthday

We're celebrating the end of summer today, and also my birthday.  Tomorrow--Tuesday--will be the first required day back on the job--morning meetings, and we'll supposedly have the afternoon to ourselves.  Of course, there'll be a lot of confabbing since many of us haven't seen each other for eight weeks or more.  My actual birthday--Wednesday--it's all day at work and all evening in our final rehearsal before the next night's opening performance.

There was fog over the sound and low clouds above when I woke up this morning, but by brunch time they had dissipated.  Then it was the sun doing what the sun does best.  The bright beginning was undermined however, by the scores of neatly trimmed shrubs that surround our buildings picking today to be trimmed by hard-working latinos with power tools.  The noise and fumes have been incessant as these trabajadores have been crowding our windows to smoothly plane all the bristling greenery.

I'll go for a power walk later, straight down to the pier and south ten minutes along the marina to a beach at the point.  I've found a spot there in front of a sign that identifies the mountain peaks on the peninsula across the sound.  It would be a good place to shoot the shifting sequence of sunsets from solstice to solstice, beginning this December.  I need a better camera, and I've been puzzling over what kind to get.

After the power walk, back here for a light lunch and then the gym.  Before we go out for the evening, I'll go over my lines with Ki.  Then she takes me to that tiny bar everyone says is so great, and dinner at The Loft.  And then???